IEP Progress Monitoring

I feel like I am always trying to improve on how I progress monitor my student's IEP goals. I am always trying to make it more thorough and efficient. I have just been keeping a daily checklist of the activity done and how the students did. This is great because I can check back on their progress, however, if I got audited I would be searching for the specific activities that meet their specific goals. So for next year this is the plan:

So I am keeping a big binder.

Each child is going to have a tab with their name and I have made this chart with their four IEP goals and each month listed. Behind their name will be the tracing and copying fine motor pages, checklists for their language goals, and samples of their work. I do activities regularly that meet their goals so once I have done an activity that meets their IEP goal for the month I am going to record how they did on this checklist.  

I am hoping this will be an easier frame of reference on the child's individual progress and will be better for child study meetings, IEP meetings, etc. because it will be just that much more detailed on how they did. 

If you have a great progress monitoring system in place I would love to hear it or any suggestions that you may think will make this system even that much more effective! 

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