Monday Made It

My kiddos love adapted books and I love them too because once I show them how to use them it is something they can each easily do independently! They also work on lots of academic skills. These particular adapted books I made are for the kids to interact with the story they are reading. I had a lot of Disney board books in my cupboard at school so I pulled them all out, scanned the pictures and then cropped the pictures to specifically coordinate to what the page is talking about. Add velcro to the page and as the student is reading the book they can match the pictures.

This past week I also finally finished (I started this last summer and then it got forgotten about) this witch hat ring toss game. It is super easy to hats spray painted black, poster board with black marker circles, and rings. I had these rings, but you can also find them at the store. 

Homemade car mat. I saw this on pinterest and thought it was a great idea. You can have the kids bring in different environmental print labels to put on the mat. You could also have the kids try to design it similar to their city. I will probably just tape it on the floor. I think the kids will enjoy it. A tablecloth is more ideal, but I had this available so this is what I went with. I used packing tape to tape the pictures on there. You can get the car mat pictures here

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  1. Wow I love all your ideas! My favorite though is the witch's hat ring toss! What a fabulous idea! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. I also LOVE adapted books. Where/how do you store your interactive icons when you adapted a real book?

    The Resource Teacher!

    1. I store them in baggies and then place the pics in a basket for the kids to place in the book.


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