Social Story Storage

I have a lot of social stories, but am having the challenge of organizing them so that they are readily available and all in one place. So this is what I came up with, but if you have a better system that you think may work better please let me know. I have not tried this yet in the classroom so this may change.

So I got an accordion file and am using construction paper as dividers with a list of what stories are behind that category.

I am just concerned that I won't put them back in the right place or that they may not be as readily accessible as I want and need them to be. What do you think?! Do you have a great system for organizing social stories that works?


  1. Hi! I store my social stories in a box in the classroom library labeled "class favorites." It includes our class scrapbook/family photos, any class-made books, I Spy books, books that don't fit in any other category, and these. It is one of the 4 large book bins in the library (ABC, Numbers, Science/Social Studies, and Class Favorites). The library also contains a thematic book shelf, and 4 small books bins- Mercer Mayer/Little Critter, Clifford, Berenstein bears, and Arhur. These boxes are stored in a homemade crate bench- they fit perfectly underneath. I find that makes it "organized enough," to where I know where all the social stories are, but they are accessible to the students, I can direct students to them, or they can explore independently. I like how your system is more organized--but I know I wouldn't put it back where it belonged, or I would want students to have access to it. ???

    1. oh I forgot to add that in the beginning of the year a lot of teaching happens to get them to put the books back in the bin they found them in! They are fairly good at it. My 2 yr olds struggle a little bit, but one of the older guys will help them out. Of course everything has the picture label on it.

  2. Thanks for the idea! I love the idea of placing them in the classroom library. Depending on how this goes I may try that!


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