Special Helper Job and Freebie

I thought I'd share a little bit about our special helper because the kids love it and it is something we do everyday.
I have seen many teachers have jobs for each student that get rotated daily or weekly. I did something similar when I taught Kindergarten, but when I tried with my little ones I found it to be a bit more challenging. So special helper gets to do kind of everything. I can help the student individually with each of the tasks and it is extra special for them. What jobs are the special helper responsible for?! A lot!
Here is what my special helper of the day is in charge of:

pointing to morning message (reading it if they can)
pointing to the pictures for the letter of the day
pointing and leading the class in the days of the week and months of the year song, counting, abc's
identifying and changing the weather and calendar

They get to choose some of the movement songs we do and some of the circle time activities we do.

They get to be first in line. They get to go first for snack and any activities we do that day. If we have the OT, SLP, or PT come in and do activities with the class they get to be first for that.

Something I want to begin including in my circle time is putting the picture of the special helper up on this sheet and having the student write their name. Being up on the board it will be something extra special and practice writing their name vertically is great fine motor practice (our OT will love it!). You can get a copy of that here. 

The scrappy kids are from Graphics from the Pond.

Last, but not least, I have popsicle sticks with each of the students names on it and that is how I choose who gets to be special helper. It is totally random. It is also a privilege. If the child chooses not to listen and follow directions it can be taken away and I get to be special helper for the remainder of the day. It can always be earned back though if they change their behavior around! This very rarely happens though because the kids love being special helper!

Do you have a special helper? If so, what is their job(s)?

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