Work Task Storage

I have made a lot of work tasks this past school year, but they were just sitting in a big bin. There was no organization so I needed a system and this is what I came up with. The cabinets in my classroom are not very big, but I wanted the work tasks to fit in the cabinets so after some measuring I found that photo boxes would fit perfect! Michaels periodically runs 5 for $10 sales so I made sure to pick them up then.

So I labeled each box (literacy, math, adapted books, fine motor).

On the dividers I labeled the math tasks. 

I stored the tasks in baggies behind the divider card. 

The large papers I put in a manila folder and will place underneath the box. 

For now, until I get a lot more work tasks I think this system will work and it fits in the cabinets. :)

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