Book Talk Tuesday

A couple of years ago some kindergarten teachers had a book study about this book and I just think it is an awesome resource for pre-k and kindergarten teachers.

Literacy Beginnings: A Prekindergarten Handbook

This book does a fabulous job of explaining how children develop in their reading and writing skills and how you can support this. There are LOTS of ideas that can be used in your classroom. The appendix of this book is huge with lots of resources. There is a nursery rhymes, poems, and songs section that lists the poems, etc., as well as, activities to do with these. There is also a list of books to use that is split into age and the month and theme that they would be appropriate. There are sample inquiry projects that incorporates all subject areas and literacy and language lessons. It is a great resource to have! I still refer back to it regularly for ideas.

You can find more great books at Mrs. Jump's class. 

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