Preschool Agenda

This coming year I am going to be starting to use a preschool agenda to document how the kids did that day.

I am going to be purchasing A Cupcake for the Teacher's behavior calendar to put in the folder. I can't wait! really think this will help with communicating with my parents.  

You can get the note and cover here. Do you use a daily communication folder? If so, do you like it and find it worth it?!


  1. Great idea, I hope that it works out well for you!! In my class, my kinders are required to color in on their behavior calendar the color that the ended up on that day. We have a 'Take Home Folder', with an R on the right side for 'Return to School' and an L on the left side for "Leave Home'. We send that home, with the behavior calendar inside, every day. It's our way to communicate with the parents, as we check folders every morning while the kinders are eating breakfast.

    Warmest Wishes,

    1. I love the idea of having a take home and return to school side. I may have to include that.


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