Work Task Wednesday!

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News
I am super excited about this idea as these have helped my students tremendously and they love doing them. A lot of the ideas are simple to make with materials that you may have at home or are relatively cheap to make!

This one is sorting fruit and veggies. This can be used in two ways. You can sort the produce by what it is or for students that are ready you can have them sort them by fruit and veggies in two ice cube trays. I got 2 ice cube trays for $1 at the Dollar Tree.

You can find lots of other task box ideas under the task box label. 

I am also linking up with Jamie over at a Tales of a Carolina Girl. 

Name: Kate

Job Title: ECSE Teacher (Early Childhood Special Education)

Grade: 2.5-5 year olds 

How Long I've Been Teaching: 8 years 

Advice: 1. Be Flexible! Listen to what you students need that day because you can have lots to get through, but you won't get through any of it if your kids are not ready to tackle it! So the plans and activities may need to be adjusted to meet their needs.

2. Get to know them and their families personally!  I have my kiddos for two years and some three years and I love getting to know the families and my students! The better you know your students the better you will know what will work, what definitely won't, what days they are ready to be challenged more and what days they may need more breaks. Knowing their families on a personal level they will most likely be able to tell you before they arrive what kind of day they are having so you are ready and able to make the appropriate changes. Also, helping to reduce challenging behavior needs to be done at home and at is a collaborative effort! 

I am making a trip to IKEA today so we will see what fun stuff I can find for my classroom! Do you have an IKEA near you? If so what is your favorite item for your classroom have you gotten there?


  1. Adorable blog! The colors and polka dots are so nice! Excited to have found you through the blog hop! I teach K-5 emotional support and am hoping to get fun ideas for my littles! Great advice!

  2. I found you through the blog hop. I love your blog and the freebie was a nice surprise! Thank you! I look forward to reading more on your blog.

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

  3. I like your advice for getting to know the family well. It's so true! I have my students from 1st-6th so having that connection is so important!

    You have a new blog follower.

    As for IKEA.... oh man... everything is fabulous there! I really like their plastic stand up picture frames (99 cents I think) for labeling centers, etc.

  4. Thank you for joining my special education blog hop. I love your fruit and veggie sort! I look forward to seeing what you get at IKEA!

    Tales of a Carolina Girl

  5. I found you through the blog hop. I love seeing all these special educators team up! I am also excited to see another teacher of the little guys on here. I teach ages 4-8. They are a fun crew. I love your work tasks as well! I will be following!

    You AUT-a Know

    1. I am following you now! I can't wait for some fun new ideas!

  6. Such a great set of bloggers from the special ed. blog linkup! And Kate thanks so much for linking up for Workbasket Wednesday! I was hoping you would and I love the fruit/veggie sort!!


  7. A great blog and so glad to have found you via the linky blog hop - it's always so good to be able to share ideas with each other as many of our students are so unique in the way they learn there may be no one quite like them in their own school but somewhere out there there is!!
    Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace

  8. Love the tips and the workbasket ideas- they're a great resource but I always find thinking of ideas the hardest part!


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