Five for Saturday


1. Well, I am back at work. This week we did and are going to be finishing up our preschool screener. It is fun to see all the little preschoolers come into school. Most of them are excited and eager to get started.

2. I am part of a big sp. ed blog hop with a freebie and a giveaway that is going to be happening on Tuesday. Make sure to stay tuned for more details coming soon!

3. I am finishing up a Number Wizards Activities and should have it posted at the end of this week.

4. Ethan has started playing soccer. Parents go on the field with the little ones and help them.  It is fun to watch him (although I think he enjoys the water breaks the

5. We also have tackled potty training the last couple of weeks. Ethan is doing pretty good, but we have not ventured out of the house yet. I think we are going to start trying to take a few small, short trips and see how he does. Wish us luck! 

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  1. It's awesome that you get to do screenings at the beginning of the year!! Our kiddos come three days later than the older students so we can have entry conferences and screenings, and it really helps us at the beginning of the year! :-) Your little one looks like he's having a lot of fun playing soccer, and good luck with the potty training!! So glad you linked up!! :-)

    Warmest Wishes, Erin from Kindergarten Dragons


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