Monthly Homework Calendar

Today is the last day of summer for me. It is bittersweet as I am ready to go back (since I've been off since April), but I am also going to miss my Ethan and Madi like crazy! It is almost harder going back this time as I have been home a lot longer and we have fallen into a routine, whereas, with Ethan I was back to work after 5.5 weeks.

Anyways, I had a request to share the hw calendar we are going to be using this year. All of the homework items are geared towards our report card and IEP goals. Parents will be expected to complete one task/ skill a day with their child (this should only take 5 minutes). They are also asked to mix it up and not do the same skill every week day. The calendar is kept with their monthly behavior chart and at the end of the month this calendar will be collected along with the behavior calendar.

Here is September. My partner and I haven't made anything past this yet, but once I do I will be sure to share it!


  1. I really like your homework calendar. It is simple and doable for both teachers and parents. How great that it even has parents working on the IEP goals. Kuddoa to you and your coteacher. I have never done homework with my self contained PPCD class but this might work for us.

  2. I really liked the calendar as well. Do you customize each calendar based on individual IEP goals for each student? This is a great way to get parents involved in their child's progress! Thanks!


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