Must Haves & Contact Magnet

First, I just discovered Tasha's blog A Tender Teacher for Special Needs and she has this fun Sunday linky that I am participating in.

Every year I make magnets with contact info. I just save magnets from pizza places and other random places and then print out the contact info on Avery labels, stick on, and you have magnet with contact info that your parents can keep on their fridge. It is easy for the parents to remember the phone numbers they need to contact if their child is going to be late or absent.

I am also linking up with Learning Lessons with Mrs. Labrasciano.

Here are some of my back to school must haves
1. velcro for adapted books, attaching names to different things, file folder games, and I am sure there are more things I use it for that I can't think of.

2. Laminating pouches. Since getting my personal laminator I will not laminate that much at school unless it is items that are not going to be used frequently. The laminating pouches are so much stronger than the lamination available at school.

3. Clothespins. I use these for work tasks, fine motor tasks, hanging up student work and for the behavior clip chart.

4. Colored ink. I print most of the games that I will be using at the start of the year and I go through A LOT of ink.

5. Coffee! I need some extra caffeine to keep me going the first few weeks as there is just so much to do!

What are your must haves?! Have a great Sunday!


  1. I LOVE the magnet idea! I will definitely start saving magnets now. :-) Also, I bought my own laminator as well. The pouches you have listed are so much more durable. The only time I use the school laminator are for things that are too big to fit in mine! Thanks for linking up! :-)

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs

  2. Starbucks and a must! I just wish we had one closer to where I live. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Thanks for linking up with us. I love your magnet idea! I did a post on saving ink a while back that you might want to look at: I hardly spend any money on ink anymore.
    Take care, Amy


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