Organization Why?!

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Well, to help me stay organized I have lots of lists, binders, and portable portfolios/ files for my kiddos.

Here are some pictures of each:

Lesson Plan Binder; I keep notes of what worked, what didn't and all of the w.s. we did in there.

The next three binders just keep all of my papers in order in one spot and easy to find.

IEP Progres Monitoring Binder...Why does this work?! Well, I have 24 kiddos and each of those kiddos have different IEP goals to work on. In addition to the IEP goals I have to make sure everything we do correlates to the Creative Curriculum and gets my kids ready for Kindergarten. So with all of these different pieces to take into account I have different binders to keep my assessing organized so we can use this for child study, placement for next year, and for writing up each child's IEP and having the IEP meetings.

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Have a great Wednesday!

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