Work Task Wednesday

I made some more work tasks, which I hope my kiddos will enjoy.

This particular task came from Awesomeness and Autism. I have a lot of pencils and erasers so why not use them rather than sitting in my drawer?!

Shape and Color Sorting. I got these foam shapes in the Dollar Spot at Target. 

The eggs and foam pieces I had. Super easy!

I got the idea for lego puzzles from Little Miss Kimberly Ann. When I get to school I am going to put these on the mega blocks I have. The pictures are larger and intended for that use. 

You can grab this freebie here

You can get the patterns here. 

Well, I have already tweaked my work task system to having students matching the color picture to the box they need to complete. 

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

Check out the Autism Classroom News for more work task ideas!


  1. Love the Lego puzzles. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for linking up and sharing such great ideas!!


  3. I love the plastic eggs & foam pieces idea as well as the lego & eggbox pattern sort.Special Teaching at Pempi's Palace


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