It's September and fall is around the corner. So time for Farley's Currently!

This weekend we headed down to Ohio and went to Toledo Zoo and Tony Packo's for lunch. Then, yesterday we had a couple of friend's over. Today is a chill day and grocery shopping. It was good to have this last weekend before fall starts.

I am getting a new aid temporarily and I am hoping she fits in well and can handle my little ones. I also keep thinking about how I will get my two kids out the door by 7am everyday. Some days we are slow to get ready...we shall see.

Another fear of mine is the transition back to daycare for Ethan and starting daycare for Madi. Madi doesn't like new places and people a lot so this should be interesting!

Lastly, I would love to go to Hawaii.
I'd also love to take an Alaskan cruise and go back out West (Wyoming, Colorado). I have been before and I just love all the National Parks out there!

Make sure to link up with Farley and Happy September!


  1. Have a great Labor Day! Good luck with your new aid, hopefully everything goes well for you! Also, make sure you enter the giveaway on my blog!
    Miss Crafty Teacher

  2. Good luck with your new aid, and with your kiddos starting daycare! Have a great week back!


  3. I am in my 5th year teaching and I have no children of my own. I often wonder how mums that teach full time do it! It's hard enough to fit everything in without worrying about looking after little ones at the end of the day. Good luck with it! :)

    Little Learners


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