Work Boxes in Action

I started work tasks last week with my pm class and overall they have done great! For now I am just having the students complete one work box when they come in and then they can read a book or do a puzzle once it is finished. For the most part all of the students seem to be enjoying the activities and are beginning to understand the system. The one challenge I am having is I have one student who will get his work box, but he wants everyone else's. The next day he may get one of the ones he wanted the day before, but he no longer has an interest in that one. If you have any suggestions on how to get him to like the one he is suppose to do that day it would be greatly appreciated!

Students come and find their picture, draw the card, match it to the box, and complete the task. I move the clips down daily so the kids are doing all 12 of the tasks. This will last us a little over two weeks. As the year progresses I may add a second work box for all the students to complete, but I am going to wait until all my students feel confident and comfortable. 

I have created a couple more work tasks and plan on sharing them soon so stay tuned! Happy Monday!

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  1. Is there anyway you can put something in the taskbox that the child would like to have on his desk or wear? I had a similar student once but a piece of tinsel in the box that they could have around their wrist as they worked did the trick!
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