Work Task Organization Try 3

I keep changing how I want to incorporate task boxes and how to organize them so that they are easy for my students to use. After lots of thinking I think I finally came up with the solution. I am doing 'table time' when the kids first come in. This past week we did puzzles, magnetic boards, and some writing, but next week I am going to be introducing this to my little ones in the pm class. Each student has a picture on a clip. They will find their clip, take the square card and match it to the task box on the other side of the cabinet. They will complete the task. All the square cards match the color where they are stored. To start students will just complete one task, but as time goes on more tasks can be added. The morning class I am just going to start introducing the different tasks to them to help them. The majority of the pm class were here last year and have completed the tasks or should easily be able to figure out what to do.  We'll see how this goes!

You can get the squares I use here.

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