Work Task Wednesday

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

Here are some simple work tasks we are going to be doing this month.

Here are some sorting tasks. I used mini play-doh containers to sort ocean pony beads.

This idea came from Adaptive Tasks. She used paper clothes,but I used Barbie clothes or you could use baby doll clothes.

This is from my Roasting Marshmallow activities.  The kids string a marshmallow together with a shoelace or string. 

This is a matching task using Memory cards glue into the tray.

This is using clear film canisters and straws. The students put the right color straws in the correct container. 

This is also used with film canisters (the teacher before me had LOTS of these in the arts and crafts closet!). I put tape on top of the containers and how many pom-poms they are suppose to place in there. They can use tweezers to make this more challenging. 

I also have two mega block visuals that will be a work task for the kids to teach them how to use the mega blocks. 

You can get these mega block visuals here.

If you have some work tasks make sure to link up with Chris at Autism Classroom News!


  1. Kate, these are great ideas! I love them and love your enthusiasm to make tasks! Thanks for the great pics!

  2. Kate, these are awesome! I love film containers....I miss them although I think I still have some leftovers in a drawer somewhere. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Following the linky over to you and this post - love the mega block visuals - think I will definitely use this one :)
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