Controlling the Chaos

I don't know about you, but whenever there is a little bit of unstructured time things get a little chaotic and the kids get a little out of control. Two areas that are most challenging for my kiddos are waiting in line to wash their hands before snack time and for some of my kiddos playing on the playground.

When in line waiting to wash their hands the kids were always pushing each other or getting out of line to cut in front of somebody or just wander away.

To help eliminate this chaotic time I have added feet with numbers and a wait picture at the front of the line to provide the kiddos a specific spot to stand and wait. It has definitely helped to make the students less anxious to push their way up to the front.

Outside I have a few students that just want to chase and run around the playground and then they start pushing each other and jumping on the other kids. To help decrease this we have made a 'schedule' of activities for the kids to choose to go to and complete. The child chooses the five activities they want to do on the playground and then once the child does the activity they remove it and put it in the all done pocket. The schedule gets velcroed on a post at the front of the playground. This has helped A LOT for some of my students and has kept my students safer which is the biggest thing!

What areas or times of the day are chaotic in your classroom?!


  1. I have feet at my classroom door to line up and I have circles to stand on at the sink to wash hands. Good to hear all ECSE classrooms have the same struggles. I love your blog, lots of great ideas.
    Thanks, Danielle in ND

    1. The feet have definitely helped! I will have to get some circles for lining up to go outside. It is a constant struggle with these little ones as their needs are constantly changing!


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