Augmented and Adapted Books

This year I have been using a lot of augmented books and adapted books with my kiddos. They love them because they can read them and I love them because they are learning lots of skills in all areas.

Here is one of the augmented books I made. The Foot Book. To make this book I just cut out the phrases and taped them into the book.

Some other augmented books you may be interested are:

Danielle from The Sublime Speech made these. Definitely check them out! 

Here is one of my adapted books. The kids read the story about opposites and match the opposite pictures into the book. I love these because the kids stay engaged more so than if they are just given a regular book. 

You can turn a simple board book into an adapted book by scanning the pictures you want the kids to match and then cutting them out and adding velcro. Super easy and it keeps your kids engaged while learning other academic skills (numbers, counting, abc's, positional words, opposites, etc.)

Do you use augumented or adapted books?! If so, what ones are your favorite?!

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  1. I love making adapted books!!! I have quite a few with the symbols posted on my blog. Feel free to check them out and hopefully you have or can get some of the books to make them too! :)


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