Since we have a cold day today (-14 currently without the winchill) and yesterday was a snow day I was able to begin compiling and figuring out how I want to tackle the dramatic play boxes. I must admit I am ready to get back in the classroom to my kiddos! Hopefully tomorrow will be warm enough to go to work! Anyways, when beginning to plan the dramatic play boxes two sites were VERY helpful!

The Considerate Classroom and Pre-K Pages

The Considerate Classroom has a great video to show how she sets up her dramatic play area.
Pre-K Pages has lots of cute ideas and really affordable dramatic play kits. Definitely check them out!

So here are a few things I got together and have made to start with organizing the dramatic play boxes. All of the ideas come from one of these sites.

First, I am working on making some lanyards that designate jobs to the kids. On the back will be what that person's job is (I need to get to my work computer to get access to boardmaker for that).

I am collecting some real food containers and boxes to be used for the grocery store.

Placemats for restaurant play. I need to check what sileverware I have at work and if I have enough I will put this in an individual bag for students to set the table with.
Grocery store savings cards (still need to be laminated), but I am going to laminate those and look for some spare keys to attach them too. You can get these at Pre-K Pages.

Cookie counting and matching. I have something similar, but the old version of it.
Count-With-Me Talking Cookie Jar

Flowers that were in my basement...waiting to be used.

I also made felt band-aids for the animals and for the dolls.
This is random, but I made this cute EAT sign for my own kitchen yesterday. I can't wait to put it up! The idea came from Shanty 2 Chic. She has some super cute stuff that she makes and I have a list of things I want to tackle now because of that site!

I am going to try to continue to post the progress I am making and how I am going about doing it as to hold myself accountable. Well, if you have another day off enjoy it!
Check out Fourth Grade Frolics for some more creative ideas or to share what you have been up to!

I love this! The snow definitely came and now it is blowing around and getting cold! We have at least 11 inches. Tomorrow we are off to because it is going to be -3 for the high and that's not with the windchill.

To celebrate being off I thought I would share a few of the activities we will begin doing on Wednesday and for the month of January.

We will be feeding the penguin some shape fish. This will be done whole group with the kiddos. I also have number and abc fish.

We will be putting button numbers 1-12 in order on the snowman.

We will also being doing three little snowmen poem. I cannot remember the exact words and will have to get the poem when I return on Wednesday for you all.  

I made these shape penguins out of black cups and I just cut out ovals for the bellies and put shapes on them. Students match the penguin to its egg.

I didn't get a picture of the final product...this is another shape and number tracing charts for the kids during circle time. When we sing the shape or number song the kids trace the shape or number. The kids love doing it and it is great reinforcement.

Last but not least, I am linking up for Snowpocalypse.

I am putting my Brrr...It's Cold Pre-K and K Math and Literacy Activities for $1

To get more $1 deals check out The Primary Gal.

Also, don't forget to check out some of the winter freebies I have including my Mitten Opposite Matching!

Have a great day and if you got a snow day I hope you enjoy it!!!

Well, we shall see if as much soon comes as they are promising. It is the worst weather we have supposably had in years! I love all the hype...let's hope it lives up to it too.

Anyways, I am going to share some of my organization plans for this year.

School wise I have already begun to get my sub binder together.

Althought I am not due until May 21st and if I do go up to then I will only have 8 days left with the kids I am planning for the whole month of May...jus tin case.I am putting my lesson plans for the month of May and June in there with newsletters and all the activities I want the kids to do behind each week. Tomorrow I plan on beginning my sub basket with materials (shared reading, whole group activities, etc.). I also plan on including my directions for report cards and the end of the year party in there. Unfortunately I forgot these things

At home I have been tackling lots of projects.

Refrigerator husband hates how I throw things in the fridge and pantry...I am really bad about it!

Maddie's room...labels for items in her room. Made with my new laminator.

Hair accessories can go in this old Bath and Body Works 3 wick candle jar.

Closet organizers...We have oddly shaped closet rods.

Closet organization

I used a swiffer wet jet container...perfect for movie storage in Ethan's room.

What are your organizational goals for the new year?! Link up with Blog Hoppin!

Link up with BlogHoppin to share your fitness goals!

Last winter I was going to the gym four times a week and getting on the elliptical or bike for a minium of 45 minutes.I am an avid runner and during this past summer and fall I can honestly say I was getting back on track! I was running four times a week minium per week (I use to run daily a min. of 40 min. before I had my son) and I was doing some free weights at home. When I found out I was pregnant and the autumn rainfall began and was getting cool out I wasn't going to drag my son out and my first trimester I was SUPER tired. So...needless to say since about Novemeber I haven't been running or anything (my husband moved to a different gym and we no longer get a free membership) and this is my first break from being a workout aholic since about 11 years ago when I ran in college. I am embracing this break as I feel like I have needed it. I am on my feet all day at work and it only continues when I get home. I know that once the weather starts warming up I will get back into the groove and running again...any double jogging stroller recommendations are welcomed! Also, my husband and I are hoping to be able to budget out joining a gym with childcare within the month and if so I will be hitting the gym and my workout routine...until then I am enjoying the downtime!

If you do need motivation to get back into shape or trying to balance family and working out make sure to check out Lindsey Brin. I swear by this.. after my first pregnancy this is what I did to ease back into working out and I looked better after having Ethan than before and I attribute it this to her workout routines. Check them out!

I am also linking up with The Primary Gal for Friday Free for All.

Now for a little bit of this and that...

I have been working on my sub binder for when I go on maternity leave.

S  I got a Scotch laminator for Christmas and printed out the baby's labels for her room.

The baby labels you can also get here

We also went to the zoo on Sunday when it was warm out (40 degrees...a heat wave here right now!). 

 Last, but not least a freebie for the classroom.

Freebie Fridays

Since we are snowed in I thought I would link up with with blog hoppin for some New Year's resolutions fun!

Day 1:
Fun and Family

My number one thing for this coming year is to get a family vacation in. It is challenging sometimes with my husband's job, but it is so necessary!

The other major thing I need to work on is making time for just Matt and me. We never really go on dates or out together. So we definitely need to work on that.

Last, but not least to enjoy being home with my little ones! I can't wait for our new addition to be born in May!

Day 2: Crafting and Creating
One of my major goals for this is to get everything ready for the new baby... I have a lot of ideas that I would like to do and have begun working on...
Closet hangers...we have a weird closet rack that's why they are c shaped.

Also, to complete the hallway decor. I have had posters up in there forever, but I want to revamp it with more personal pictures. I made this with my new Calligraphy Collection cricut cartridge and this is the first of many new things I want to add to the hallway.

A teaching goal I have is to make some dramatic prop boxes. I have been adding lots of pins with ideas of what to make from post office items to farmer's market so I need to start finding and saving materials related to the different these prop boxes.

Post Office Dramatic Play
food sorting bins in fridge
What are your crafting and creating resolutions or goals?!

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