I'm linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday.

1. On Monday, we had the hygienist visit and talk about taking care of our teeth.

2. We made a toothbrush with some glow in the dark "toothpaste" (shaving cream and glow in the dark paint). We practiced cutting on the lines.

We added cotton balls to teeth (pulling apart the cotton is a great fine motor activity).

2. We practiced flossing. We took pegs and put them in play doh and then took floss and practiced pulling it back and forth through the teeth.

3. We counted out pom poms on to teeth.

4. We drew that many pieces of plaque on the tooth and then scrubbed it off with a toothbrush.

5. Some freebies...

New fonts!

 Have a great weekend!

Freebie Fridays

Starting this coming week we will be starting to learn about teeth, Valentine's Day, and transportation/ community helpers. Here are a few of the other fun winter things we did this very short month.

You can get this in my Winter Time Fun packet.

We made a melting snowman...although we are getting more snow tomorrow.

We used corn syrup and used our fingers to skate through the ice and then added some glitter.

We made some pattern block snowflakes. You can get the mats at prekinders.

We used a q-tip to trace snowflakes with white paint.

A few of the fun things we did that I didn't get to share. This week we are talking about going to the dentist and next week we will be talking about Valentine's Day! Have a great Tuesday!

I am awaiting to hear the groundhog's prediction...Did you know this is the first time that the Super Bowl and Ground Hog's Day have fallen on the same day?
And...(this is quite drawn out)
6 more weeks of winter... :(

Anyways, here are a few more task box ideas for the extra time we will be spending inside that are easy to make and you probably have the materials around your house or classroom. Since starting this my kids have loved doing the activities. I have tried changing them out weekly or if I see something that they are really enjoying I keep it out for awhile longer. It is also nice because they can do the tasks independently and I can assess or work individually with a student.

These bear counting cards you can get from Erin at Creating and Teaching.

You can get a task box freebie here in my tpt store or tn store to get started on making your own.

Also, don't forget my tpt and tn stores are 20% off!

Hard to believe it is already February! January flew by. I am linking up with Farly at Oh Boy 4th Grade! for the Feb. currently.
Listening- to fox 2 news and we are suppose to have another big storm come through MI...possibly 6-12 inches over night Tuesday to Wednesday.
Loving- that one of my kiddos yesterday that is challenging had a FABULOUS day yesterday! Hopefully we can do the same on Monday! 
Thinking- about what I can do on Wed. if we do have a snow day and to make sure to bring stuff home to do. This past Mon-Wed I was going stir crazy. Ethan is a blast to play with, but I can only handle playing 'animals' so many times in the day. I took him to the play area at the mall for a little over an hour and he just ran! So if you have any fabulous ideas that will keep an active 2 year old boy entertained for more than 10 min. (we made binoculars, played play-doh, painted) let me know! :)
Wanting- some warmer weather and snow to melt because I would love to just get outside and enjoy some sun and warmth.
Needing- Maddie's room is basicly done, except for the molding, closet door, and getting the crib assembled. I would LOVE my husband to finish this sometime soon because then I can finish organizing and setting up her room.
2 Truths and a Fib:
My favorite color is blue. I love light, bright blue.
I don't hate coffee...I love it. Although I am pregnant I still have a cup a day because it helps me get through the day.
 I did run competively at Lake Superior State University (they have lots of snow up there so I shouldn't complain). I ran cross country and track (800, 1500, and sometimes the 3000). It was some of the best four years of my life because of the fabulous friends I made. We still try to all get together once to twice a year and now that many of us are married (many to each other on the team) and having kids it is fun to see our kids playing together.
Have a great Saturday.  Stay warm and safe!

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