Since returning from holiday break I have been working on getting my kitcehn better organized for my kiddos. I brought these food items home to start getting ready to be put into work task containers for the kitchen area. I took pictures of how the kids should use them because some of my little ones just throw the food rather than playing with it (Ethan got to demonstrate how to use it appropriately). I think this will really help my kids because it will be more contained and not as overwelming as the bin was.

First, I have made labels for everything.


Here are some of the kitchen tasks:
number mathcing cookies on the cookie sheet.

shape cupcake matching, making a cake

pizza making

baking a birthday cake and putting cookies in the cookie jar.

I have added labels on the kitchen things as to wear the containers should be placed and on the containers.


Last, but not least I am going to get the tubs to store the work tasks in and add velcro to the front of the tub so that I can change the work task as needed and the picture can be changed too. I also am going to take the picture of how to use the tubs and put them on a ring that will be stored in the tub. I am planning on doing that this weekend...we shall see if I get to it. Once I do though there will definitely be more pictures!
Last, but not least I do have some new products you can check out on tpt and/or tn.
 New Products:
Have a great Saturday!

I'm linking up with Kacey for Five for Friday.

1. On Monday, we had the hygienist visit and talk about taking care of our teeth.

2. We made a toothbrush with some glow in the dark "toothpaste" (shaving cream and glow in the dark paint). We practiced cutting on the lines.

We added cotton balls to teeth (pulling apart the cotton is a great fine motor activity).

2. We practiced flossing. We took pegs and put them in play doh and then took floss and practiced pulling it back and forth through the teeth.

3. We counted out pom poms on to teeth.

4. We drew that many pieces of plaque on the tooth and then scrubbed it off with a toothbrush.

5. Some freebies...

New fonts!

 Have a great weekend!

Freebie Fridays

Starting this coming week we will be starting to learn about teeth, Valentine's Day, and transportation/ community helpers. Here are a few of the other fun winter things we did this very short month.

You can get this in my Winter Time Fun packet.

We made a melting snowman...although we are getting more snow tomorrow.

We used corn syrup and used our fingers to skate through the ice and then added some glitter.

We made some pattern block snowflakes. You can get the mats at prekinders.

We used a q-tip to trace snowflakes with white paint.

A few of the fun things we did that I didn't get to share. This week we are talking about going to the dentist and next week we will be talking about Valentine's Day! Have a great Tuesday!

I am awaiting to hear the groundhog's prediction...Did you know this is the first time that the Super Bowl and Ground Hog's Day have fallen on the same day?
And...(this is quite drawn out)
6 more weeks of winter... :(

Anyways, here are a few more task box ideas for the extra time we will be spending inside that are easy to make and you probably have the materials around your house or classroom. Since starting this my kids have loved doing the activities. I have tried changing them out weekly or if I see something that they are really enjoying I keep it out for awhile longer. It is also nice because they can do the tasks independently and I can assess or work individually with a student.

These bear counting cards you can get from Erin at Creating and Teaching.

You can get a task box freebie here in my tpt store or tn store to get started on making your own.

Also, don't forget my tpt and tn stores are 20% off!

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