I am linking up with Speech Time Fun to share some of the ways I use velcro in the classroom.

In a special ed classroom I feel like velcro is the number one item needed! I go through LOTS of velcro. Here are some of the uses (I have linked the item to the original post where it is discussed in more detail):

Center Rotation Sticks

Adapted Books!

Wait Stick (pictures of kids will be added on to show whose turn is next).

Giving students with autism the opportunity to talk and interact with the classroom discussions.

Placemat for students that need help requesting snack.

Interactive calendar book


Name Matching

How do you use velcro in the classroom?

This Five for Friday is a little of this and that...

1. When talking about colors we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? and we painted each of the animals with watercolor. Then, we use these to retell the story. Each of my kiddos gets an animal and we read the story together and when we get to their animal the kids tell us what it is. We have continued to practice this when we have a little extra time at the end of the day or before snack time.

2. A couple of summers ago I had made rice color sensory bottles. My kids love them. So I made some noodle abc and number sensory bottles.

3. My kids have loved the song the 5 little ducks so I made this little ducks game. (I cut the ducks with my cricut) You can There are two ways to play. The kids can match the numbers or the kids can count the dots on the duck and match that duck to the number duck. 

On the back kids can retell the song the 5 little ducks.

4. If you didn't get a chance to read about my new center rotation sticks definitely check it out. I can't wait to try these out next year with my kiddos!

5. Some freebies that I unfortunately did not get the opportunity to use with my students this year. They are in my 2014-2015 folder though!

Chicka, Chicka Class Book

Hidden Letters

Freebie Fridays

Last, but not least TPT is having a teacher appreciation sale. It is kind of coincidental because I was planning on throwing a sale then for the celebration of my Madi being born! So it works out perfect for all of you...an extra sale! 

Here is a link to my tpt store!

I will be having a teacher's notebook sale too. 

Have a great weekend and don't forget to share the fun things you did this week at Kacey's Doodle Bugs Teaching!

My co-teacher and I came up with a list of problems or behaviors that we face in our classroom and decided to come up with some very simple social stories for our little ones. You can get this freebie here. 
For this particular page Then, I can I am going to put velcro and add the next item on our schedule to there (for us it is circle time and snack).

For this page I am going to take pictures of the items that the kids can chew (fidgets, chewies, etc). 

I am going to place a picture of myself and my aid so the kids can see who can open the door. 

I think these social stories will really help out the kids. They are short and simple so that the story will keep their attention and get the message across. I hope you can use some of them!

I got these frogs from Oriental Trading and have come up with a few ways I intend on using them. 

The kids can sort them by color. 

I cut some lily pads out from construction paper and they can use these for counting. 

And I made matching frog cards. The kids will look at the pictures and match them.

I also made a What Should Froggy Wear? Adapted book to discuss the weather. This will be a great supplement to center time when the kids will get to dress Froggy in the appropriate clothes.

You can get this Adapted Book for $1 (it is being added to the Mini Adapted Book Mega Pack too!).


Have a great Tuesday!

I am trying to finish up all these activities and things that I have half done on my desktop because I know once Madi makes her appearance in 9 days (YIKES!) I won't be having time or the ambition to do that. Make sure to check back frequently this week as I am posting lots of fun stuff! So here is a fun little rhyming freebie for you all. Don't you just love Graphics from the Pond graphics! They are all absolutely adorable!

You can grab this freebie at tpt or tn

Classroom Freebies Manic Monday

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