This week was a little it goes.

1. Another Father's Day gift idea. I originally saw this on a white plate, but I thought this would work better for us.

2. I've been busy laminating and printing some things for next year. I've had some time during nap time so I've been trying to take full advantage of it.

3. We had another couple of rainy days, which means we are stuck inside. So we made a few arts and crafts.

We made salt dough and made a teenage mutant ninja turtle ornament and Made in MI hand and foot print,

Here is the recipe for the salt dough. We had to bake ours for closer to 3 hours and we only needed 1/2 cup of water. I didn't find the dough to be sticky at all.

4. My sister is home from KS where she teaches and I looking forward to spending some time with her! We only get to see her at Christmas and during the summer because she is about 20 hours away so it will be fun to get in some quality time with her.

4. A freebie for you! This is great for the start of the school year!

For some reason this link isn't here is the link to freebie Friday!

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Have a great weekend! The weather is suppose to be perfect here which I am excited about. 

Yesterday I posted about emotions and teaching social skills to my little ones and when I was on pinterest last night I came across this great behavior sort freebie from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten. You can get it here. This will be perfect to reinforce what behaviors are good and sad choices.

I also wanted to share this great circle time checklist that I found

Circle Time Checklist

I plan to use this as my rules. The special helper will start circle time by having us all check and see if we are following these rules. Velcro is attached to the back of the checks to easily be added or removed as needed. Having the rules reviewed daily will definitely help with behavior during circle time. Also, having it being a job for special helper means it will be done daily. Special helper always takes their job very seriously and never forgets to do anything!

Have a great Wednesday!

I have been happy to read that others are also planning for next year. Since the beginning of April I have been making lists of things that I would like to change (some of it was the nesting instinct kicking in too).

One of the things my partner and I have been talking about is social skills training. So we have made some social stories and I also just made an Emotions packet. A lot of my students don't understand  how to read emotions or understand why we sometimes feel that way so I am hoping these activities will help with this. We plan on doing some social skill learning at the end of circle time for the first couple of months of school and will be reviewed or continued daily depending on the kids we get.

You can pick up the Emotions packet here on tpt  or here on tn.

Some of the activities also coordinate with Pete the Cat and his Magic Sunglasses, which my kids love. 

What types of social skill activities do you do that you have found really help your students?

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1. Enjoy my two little ones! Time flies and I want to make sure I savor every moment with them before the crazy school year starts.

2. I need to finish Breaking Bad. I am on season 5 episode 3. I started the series in Dec. ( I bought them all for Matt for Christmas bc I wanted to see it. Hehe).

3. Matt and I need to go on one date night before the start of the school year. We are terrible about doing something fun... Just the two if us!

4. I want to read one non teaching related book. Something fun and easy so if I put it down for awhile I can pick it up and remember what was going on. Recommendations welcomed!

5. I'd like to go on vacation somewhere.

beach with word vacation

6. I want to purge some of the toys we have and my clothes.

7. I want to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight. 10 more pounds to go! I am going to start doing Lindsay Brin's free workouts. I did these ab workouts last time and they helped a lot!

8. Once cleared I want to train for a fall 5k.

9. Get in my classroom and do some more purging again. A lot of the materials in there are too advanced for my kiddos so I want to get rid of it or find a new home for them. Also, learning how to use our Smartboard.

10. Relax and have fun!

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