So I had this great idea and then Erin at Creating and Teaching shared her behavior system and I am once again revamping my original idea. It was similar to mine, just a bit more detailed. Last year I used the color chart like many of you use, but did not find it to be effective for my kiddos. My kids that were going to be well behaved were everyday and the kids that were going to misbehave would and didn't care about moving down. Or if they did move down they would get more upset and more behaviors would occur.

So this coming year this is what I am going to try. It focuses strictly on the positive and can be adapted for each child if needed. So the kids are going to earn Popsicle sticks. 

The Popsicle sticks that are earned will be placed in this jewelry holder. Each child has their own picture where the Popsicle sticks can be placed. 

To take this a step further the kids will be working for fun breaks where they can get an item of their choice to play with for a 5 minute break. The more sticks earned the bigger or more desired the item. I plan on purchasing Erin's Happy Sticks behavior system, which will work great because it has a better way of tracking the students than I had. You can check that out here. It is in my basket waiting for a sale!  

This system similar to a token system used with many students with autism. I really think this will help all my kids and at the end of the day will help all my kids with having positive behavior all day long! Have you used something similar to this?! If so, has it worked and any challenges you had with it?

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I made sensory writing mats...made with conditioner, hair gel, and tulle. I got the idea and the great tutorial here at Little Hands, Big Work. 
Ethan has loved playing with the mat I made for him. The texture adds an interesting feel that I think my kiddos will like. 

Interactive 5 Little Ducks Page and Emergent Reader. You can get it at under fan freebies on my facebook page. 

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And I just had to share this!
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