1. Well, yesterday was my birthday and although we didn't do anything yesterday for it, tomorrow I am going to go shopping for some new clothes! Yay! I haven't really bought anything new because I have been trying to lose this baby weight, which I can finally say is mostly gone!

2. This past week we went to the water park. I am going to miss daily outings with my little ones once I head back to work in a week and a half. Yikes!

3. I got some new school shoes. I love the brand B.O.C. because they are comfortable and cute!

4. Also, I am looking forward to the TPT sale. I have my store all ready to go, as well as, my basket all ready to be bought! You can go to my store here.

5. Here are some items in my store you may be interested in.

 You can check out my Back to School Mega Pack

Back to School Mega Pack Pre-K and Kindergarten

Pre-K and K Construction Literacy and Math Activities


What have you been up to this week? Link up with Kacey at Doodle Bugs to share. 

I am linking up with Teacher's Take Out to share some of the back to school notes I will be using this year. I hope you may be able to use some of them too! 

This one is name writing sample for the beginning, middle and end of the year.

Name Writing

These two notes encourage parents to practice reading and reviewing work done at school in the classroom.
Emergent Reader Note

Vocab Words Note

Agenda Note & Cover  (See below)

I have a few kids that are starting to loose teeth so I made these fun certificates.

Look Who Lost a Tooth Award

So I think those are my updated notes and such. Hopefully, you can use some of them too!

I just got Mike Austin's book Monsters Love Colors and I think my kiddos are going to love this too!

It is a fun story with lots of action words that I think my kids will enjoy acting out. It also explains how to mix colors. My son loved the book and I am sure my kids are too.

I made a little freebie to go with it that you can get here

Link up with Mrs. Jump to find more books to read to your kiddos!

Ethan and I made Lighning McQueen!

I updated my ABC/ Shape monster. This one will be easier to store than the previous box one I had made. 

What have you made?! Link up with 4th Grade Frolics to share!

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