This week was all about fall. However, for being the first week of fall it was definitely more summer like outside! It has been sunny and mid to high 70s all week! I love it!

Anyways, here are a few things we were up to...

1. For table time this week I put some letters and pattern blocks in the play-doh and the kids had to find it. They loved this!

2. We made shape scarecrows. 

3. We took pieces of chalk, dipped them in liquid starch and drew some pictures.There is no dust and it leaves bright markings.

4. We colored sand paper leaves. 

5.Now for a freebie...

I also have a Ten Timid Ghosts Emergent Reader at tpt for free! Make sure to check that out too!

During circle time I have a few students that I am constantly having to pull the circle time visuals out to remind them how to behave. Some of my kids also like to hold them, but I only have the large ones available so I made some smaller sized ones that the kids can hold. The colors coordinate to their cube chairs. In just the one week of using them it has really helped my kids that were struggling to stay on task and focused. You can get the freebie here. 

I started work tasks last week with my pm class and overall they have done great! For now I am just having the students complete one work box when they come in and then they can read a book or do a puzzle once it is finished. For the most part all of the students seem to be enjoying the activities and are beginning to understand the system. The one challenge I am having is I have one student who will get his work box, but he wants everyone else's. The next day he may get one of the ones he wanted the day before, but he no longer has an interest in that one. If you have any suggestions on how to get him to like the one he is suppose to do that day it would be greatly appreciated!

Students come and find their picture, draw the card, match it to the box, and complete the task. I move the clips down daily so the kids are doing all 12 of the tasks. This will last us a little over two weeks. As the year progresses I may add a second work box for all the students to complete, but I am going to wait until all my students feel confident and comfortable. 

I have created a couple more work tasks and plan on sharing them soon so stay tuned! Happy Monday!

I know this is a little late as talk like a pirate day was Friday, but I feel like this year is flying by and I am sprinting to keep up! Between trying to get my own kids back in the routine and getting my kiddos at school in the routine I haven't had time for much of anything else. However, I finally found a few minutes to make this pirate freebie for you guys. You can grab it here. Enjoy!

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