Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

Here are a couple of new work tasks I am doing with my kiddos over the next couple of weeks.

Build a Mouse. I got this pattern from First Grade a la Carte. I added velcro and made a visual to follow on how to build it.

I made step by step directions that you can get here. 

Also included in the directions above are visuals for this filling a container with marbles. 

I got these fun matching jack-o-lantern cards from Teach Beside Me. On the site they made the pieces out of felt, but I used construction paper. 

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We got smart boards this year and my kids are loving it. Right now I am still learning how to use it and unfortunately haven't had the opportunity to explore too much yet, but I did want to share some Smart Tools we have been using.

The hammer is great for the whack a mole game.

Magic noodles help with using correct pencil grasp when using the smart board.

This one is just a fun Halloween smart board tool. 

What kind of smart board tools do you use?!

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