My kiddos love Raffi's Spider on the Floor Song. I give each of the students a plastic spider and we act out the song as listen to it. Since they like it so much I decided to make an emergent reader and made some people that you can add velcro to and the kids can place the spider in the correct place as the song is sung or the book is read. You could also add velcro to other body parts that you want to practice. You can get the freebie here.


This week was all about pumpkins.

1.We made some puffy pumpkins with a shaving cream and Kleenex mixture.

2. We made pumpkin shakers. 

3. We did a pumpkin seed counting book. We used marker stamps from Lakeshore to fill in the ten frames. 

4. We learned about the pumpkin life cycle. 

What pumpkin activities do you like to do?!

Here are some fun Halloween activities we are going to be doing this October.

Counting bat eyes. I got the foam bats at Target and the eyes I already had. I used glitter paint to put the numbers on.

I made this simple pumpkin shape mini adapted book. It is only a $1 at my tpt store. 

I got this make a jack o lantern idea from Teach Beside Me. I made the pieces out of construction paper. On the site the pieces were made out of felt. I am not good with felt whatsoever so I went with construction paper, but you could do foam too. 

I also have a a missing numbers and letters candy game also only a $1.  

What fun activities are you doing this October?!

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

Here are a couple of new work tasks I am doing with my kiddos over the next couple of weeks.

Build a Mouse. I got this pattern from First Grade a la Carte. I added velcro and made a visual to follow on how to build it.

I made step by step directions that you can get here. 

Also included in the directions above are visuals for this filling a container with marbles. 

I got these fun matching jack-o-lantern cards from Teach Beside Me. On the site they made the pieces out of felt, but I used construction paper. 

Make sure to check out other fun work tasks at The Autism Classroom News

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