Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

I'm linking up with Chris at Autism Classroom News to share some of our past and current work boxes. 
Here are some of the work box activities we have and some that we are going to do:

ABC Puzzle

Teddy Bear Patterns

Ghost Shapes

Teddy Bear Counting. These cards came from Erin at Creating and Teaching

Eye Ball Numbers 

ABC Puzzles in rice

Filling Containers with noodles. I have not done this as a work box, but I plan on trying it. It could also be done with sorting the noodles. 

Ice Cream color order. 

First, I hope you got out and voted! I made sure to go right after work today and here in MI it is a close race for governor so it should be interesting.

Anyways, today we had a full day of technology training. In the morning we had some smartboard training, which I must admit was not too great, but during the explore time I was able to find some great new resources.

In the afternoon we got our learn pads and tomorrow we are going to create some more lessons to use with our kiddos, which will be great. When at the training of the learn pads they talked about QR codes and the different activities you can do with them. So I found this great tutorial on how to make your own QR games...

You can get the tutorial here from Erica at Sprinkles to Kindergarten. and since I had to try it out here is simple scan and color the shape freebie.

I can't wait to experiment some more with this! Enjoy! 

Listening to Ethan play Lego. It is fun to hear the conversations he has with the people when playing and Matt is playing video games. It is a lazy Sunday!

Loving how Madi is rolling around everywhere and I can tell she'll be crawling soon!!!I love when babies become more active and engaged.

Thinking about the two meetings I have tomorrow. Let's hope they go better than anticipated. 

Wanting and Needing a break to just mentally refreshed! October was draining at school and personally. 

Reading nothing right now. Since Madi was born I haven't had the opportunty to read anything, but I would love some recommendations (preferably non- school related). 

Link up with Farley for November's currently! Happy November!

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