This year I have been using a lot of augmented books and adapted books with my kiddos. They love them because they can read them and I love them because they are learning lots of skills in all areas.

Here is one of the augmented books I made. The Foot Book. To make this book I just cut out the phrases and taped them into the book.

Some other augmented books you may be interested are:

Danielle from The Sublime Speech made these. Definitely check them out! 

Here is one of my adapted books. The kids read the story about opposites and match the opposite pictures into the book. I love these because the kids stay engaged more so than if they are just given a regular book. 

You can turn a simple board book into an adapted book by scanning the pictures you want the kids to match and then cutting them out and adding velcro. Super easy and it keeps your kids engaged while learning other academic skills (numbers, counting, abc's, positional words, opposites, etc.)

Do you use augumented or adapted books?! If so, what ones are your favorite?!

If your kids love using the iPad they will love using QR codes. For this particular activity the kids had to share the iPad and take turns. I love using technology in the classroom, but I do worry about them using it too much and not getting the necessary social skills they need (turn taking, waiting, sharing an item, etc.) and language skills (verbalizing what they see). So we did the QR codes on the iPads, but the kids had to take turns scanning the qr code. When it was their turn they would tell us the color and shape and the kids would color it accordingly. They LOVED this activity. They loved how they didn't know what the next shape would be. This activity is simple to do, but the kids were engaged the entire time and loved it. You can grab the freebie here.

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I am very fortunate that my family and myself are healthy. I am so thankful that this year my pregnancy was easy. Madi's labor and delivery went smoothly unlike Ethan's. And my blood pressure is all back to normal! My blood pressure was all out of whack after Ethan was born and right before I got pregnant again it finally was under control and it stayed that way.  I am also very thankful that my Ethan and Madi are growing nice and healthy! What are you thankful for?!
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Today's letter...

T is for Teaching! I love teaching and cannot imagine any other profession that I would want to be in! I love seeing the growth my little ones make! Many of my kids come in not talking and knowing few academic skills, but when they leave me they are talking or better able to communicate their wants and needs and most of them academically improve drastically.

I am thankful for all the wonderful friendships I have from teaching. I work or have worked with some fabulous co-workers who I am lucky enough to call friends at work and outside of it.

I am also thankful for teachers pay teachers because I have had the opportunity to share my creations for the classroom with others, as well as find fabulous resources that are specifically geared towards my ECSE kiddos.

Lastly, teaching has given me a reason to blog and make connections with lots of people that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to interact with.

What are you thankful for?! Link up with blog hoppin to share!

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Have a relaxing Sunday!

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