I just had to share this product from Sasha at The Autism Helper because my kids really do love it! I purchased this commenting visuals packet and I have been using them with my little ones that have little to no speech. When the sentence is there and it is broken down for them they are able to say the complete sentence with the prompts and are able to express the knowledge that they have but struggle to verbalize. I definitely recommend using these with your kiddos if they are nonverbal. My kids get so excited when they can read the whole sentence because they are able to communicate which is their main source of frustration.The packet I got from Sasha is available here if you are interested. I definitely recommend it and just wanted to share it because my kids really do enjoy doing this!

1. Conferences are done and all went smoothly! I had some down time and was able to get some laminating, copying, and caught up just in general. A great feeling!

2. I got this adorable wreath from a parent. I love it!

3. We started doing Elf on the Shelf with Ethan. It has been a blast to do so far. 

4. Here are a couple of freebies. The first one are pictures for putting on a placemat. We use placemats for snack daily. 

The second are holiday gift tags you can put on your gift bags for your kids. 

5. Have a great weekend! 

Conferences are done! Whew! I always forget what long days they are. 
Anyways, we are finishing up these work boxes right now. 
1. Lacing numbers. You can get these numbers from Relentlessly Fun Deceptively Educational here. 

2. sorting people by color and counting out how many get on the bus. These bus mats are part of my Round and Round Go the Wheels on the Bus. 

3. counting out farm animals. This is great for one to one correspondence. 

4. Tracing numbers. 

5. Matching numbers. I got these pilgrim color matching from Childcare Land. 

6. This is a new one. I was cleaning out my cabinets again and found these colored spools. For this particular task the kids will sort the spools by big vs. small. 

What work boxes are you doing?
Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

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Now for December Currently!
Where did November go?! It flew by and the holidays are right around the corner!

Listening- to Rudolph for the 4th time in the past week. Ethan loves this movie! 

Loving the holiday season. This year Ethan loves Christmas and understands what is going on so it has been a blast. We have cut our tree and decorated it. We started Elf on the Shelf and the advent calendar. Ethan is super excited and it should be fun!

Thinking about conferences that we have on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I hope they all go smoothly. 

Wanting a real vacation. Thanksgiving break always feels like a teaser because as soon as I start to relax then it is Sunday night and I am back to work. 

Needing more hours in the day. I have a long list of to do's for home and school and just not enough time or energy to do them all. 

Giving you this fun Rudolph Nose Color Game. My kids love doing this! You can check it out here

Have a great week!

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