Since having kids of my own the Christmas season has taken on a lot more excitement and I look forward to it way more than I  ever used too and the traditions we have are even that much more meaningful! Anyways, here are some of my favorite things about the Christmas season. 

I just had to share this product from Sasha at The Autism Helper because my kids really do love it! I purchased this commenting visuals packet and I have been using them with my little ones that have little to no speech. When the sentence is there and it is broken down for them they are able to say the complete sentence with the prompts and are able to express the knowledge that they have but struggle to verbalize. I definitely recommend using these with your kiddos if they are nonverbal. My kids get so excited when they can read the whole sentence because they are able to communicate which is their main source of frustration.The packet I got from Sasha is available here if you are interested. I definitely recommend it and just wanted to share it because my kids really do enjoy doing this!

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