Do you have any New Year's Resolutions?! I do and here they are. Let's see if I can stick to them! :)
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This year I am hoping to just get rid of all our credit card debt. A lot of these credit cards are 0% which is a positive, but I would love to still just have them paid off so we can put more money towards student loans and just pay off other bigger items (car, house, etc.) off faster. We will see how this goes. Every time I feel we are starting to get ahead then something comes up and sets us back again. This year we had A LOT of unexpected setbacks.

I hope to just continue to stay positive and not let the little stuff stress me out. I also want to continue to work with the other ECSE teacher (this is our first year together as a team) to create new things to help our ever changing kids needs. We our a great team and we balance each other out great! We need to just continue to do that and keep ourselves positive.
I want to continue to create more tpt items for special needs students. As our student's needs have changed my items on tpt have changed. When I first started teaching ECSE the kids were just SLI, but now they are coming in more complex, lower academically and with multiple needs versus just speech.
I also want to continue to blog as frequently. This year I was pretty pleased with how often I was able to blog so hopefully I can keep it up!

I love working out and eating healthy, but recently that has fallen a little short. I no longer have a gym membership and so I need to make the effort to run outside (which I use to do all the time) or do some workout videos at least 3-4 times a week. After all the junk food is ate up at our house we will not be purchasing any more junk food and I need to cut back on my caffeine intake. That goes hand in hand with sleep...Madi sleep through the night and Mommy won't need that extra caffeine during the day! :)

This one may be a little lengthy!
1. Continue to have some dates with my husband every couple of months...these have both done us a lot of good!
2. Balance working on tpt and work stuff, spending time with my kids, spending time with the hubby, and me time...this is challenging for me!
3. Get new siding up on the house and gutters!
4. Finish Madi's scrapbook...I promised I would not let the second child not have the same things completed as the this MUST be done!
5. Most important...Savor every moment with my Ethan and Madi. I love all the cuddles, playtime, new milestones, hugs and kisses and even the crying and screaming because they are not going to be small for long!

Erica's Ed-Ventures

What goals do you want to accomplish for 2015?! Link up with Primary Powers and/or Erica's Ed Ventures!

Have a great Friday!


  1. I love the word balance. Life can become such a juggling act and finding the right balance is hard!! I see you are from Michigan...Me too!! I love this place!

  2. Balance is a great word It sounds like you have a pretty good plan for that. Good luck to you in 2015!


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