Five for Fraturday

Although this week was a short week because we had two snow days it still felt like a super long week!! Let's hope next week is better. We began talking about teeth and did a couple of Valentine activities in there too. 
1. We did roll, count, and stamp. 

2. We painted this tooth with toothbrushes. 

3. We made numbers 1-10 with erasers and then counted out that many erasers in the ten frame and in the large heart. These mats came from Life Over C's (she has lots of great freebies). 

4. We practiced brushing teeth with plastic containers and toothbrushes. The kids loved this!

5. I made this fun light box and I will be blogging about it soon. It was super easy and my Ethan and Madi love it!

You can share what you have been up to this week with Doodle Bugs Teaching. 


  1. Love the idea of practicing teeth with the water bottles. We are talking about dental health this week so it will be a perfect fit. Thanks so much for sharing!

    Luv My Kinders

    1. opps! Should say practicing "brushing" teeth. Guess I should proof before I hit publish.

  2. I like your activities, I would like a snow day, but I know how those weeks are too, they feel much longer for some strange reason. thank you, I'll be checking back to see what you are up to. Paula


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