Post Office Dramatic Play

Last year around this time I started organizing my dramatic play area. I sorted out all the toys and made some 'task box' activities. I made some general printables and then I went out on maternity leave, the craziness of the start of the school year came and some unexpected changes and all my great intentions didn't happen. So now that my task boxes are all up and running and I have help in the dramatic play area just about daily I want to start to incorporate all of my great intentions. I have been putting out the kitchen task boxes in groups, but I want to incorporate more language opportunities and more direction in how to play. Unfortunately, a lot of my kids still do not know how to appropriately play with the toys so the extra helpers have been great!

So here are some of the post office printables.

2 different post office signs (only 1 shown)

An open and closed sign (closed on the back).

Labels for the items. 

Communication boards for requesting items.

Aids to help with counting. 

And this week I plan on putting all of these things in action and will get some pictures of it all in action.

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