April Work Tasks

Here are some of the work tasks we have or are doing. 

Counting out coins and putting them in the piggy bank (from Dollar Tree). The cards are available here. 

You can get these cards in my Jungle Animals Same vs. Different Activities.

For this task students take the picture of the item, find the item and place it in the bag (diaper wipe bag). 

Clip the letters. You can find these here. 

These shape containers I got at the Dollar Tree. I just cut out some shapes for the kids to sort. 

Students match the pom pom to the egg and close the egg. This is a favorite right now!

Students sort pipe cleaners by tall vs. short. 

Sorting items by texture.

Counting out frogs. 

Workbasket Wednesday at Autism Classroom News

I hope you got some fun ideas! 

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