Five for Saturday

This week we did a little bit of everything. Here are a few of the things we were up too.

1. We searched for dinosaur bones in the dino bin.

2. We played grab, count, and write St. Patrick's Day coins. 

3. We played spin and graph letters with a pinewheel. 

4. I got my spring puzzles all laminated and cut. You can get them for free here. 

5. My baby girl has taken her first steps all by herself. It looks like I am going to have another early walker. Ethan walked at 9 months and she is 10 months. She is growing up way too fast! 

What have you been up to this week?! Link up with Kacey to share! Happy Saturday!


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  1. First steps! How exciting. Both of my kids waited until around 15 months to walk. I love the activities! I keep thinking I need to peruse the aisles at the dollar store and Target to find some hands-on materials. Have a great week!
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