Work Task Wed.

I am linking up with Christine at the Autism Classroom News to share some of our work boxes for this month.

I loved Gabrielle's over at Teaching Special Thinkers mailing a letter task, but it was a little too hard for some of my kiddos so I simplified it. I had extra foam from Valentine's day foam kit and I drew the envelope line of the back and they would just place the items on the envelope and then place it into the mailbox.

This brown bear color wheel is from Living World's Apart

This is a new put in task. I used a puffs container and animal beads. 

This is a sign match up (great for transportation theme!). 

I still had some of those extra foam pieces so I made numbers 1-10 puzzles. I used glitter glue to make the dots to make it more tactile for the kids. 

 Dropping Coins into the Container

Egg and Pom Pom Color Matching

Last, but not least a freebie for you all. This is great for developing student's language and sentence structure. You can grab it here

Also, if you can donate to my Donor's Choose Project...even just a couple of dollars it would be greatly appreciated!!!! The other ECSE teacher and I are trying to get some sensory and gross motor equipment for our kiddos. They really do benefit from our gross motor time, but we have limited resources right now and the kids would benefit from these additional materials! 
You can check it out here. 

I would really appreciate it and so would my kiddos!!!!!

Classroom Photo

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