listening- Madi and Ethan are starting to play together which is fun to see!

loving- Madi has been walking for a week and a half now. I love the stage when they are toddling all around

thinking- about all the packing I need to do tomorrow.We are heading down to TN Saturday and I can't wait to be on vacation!

Needing-some sunshine! It was warm but rainy today.

my name- pretty self-explanatory.

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  1. Enjoy your Spring Break! I'm on mine, too! Keeping my fingers crossed we both have some sunny weather!

    Learning at the Teacher Table

  2. I'm on Easter break as of Today. Wish it were spring, but Autumn is pretty cool too!! Have fun!

    Learning to be awesome

  3. Have a warm and restful break. Enjoy the time with your family. Spring breaks in Florida when my kids were little are some of my favorite vacation memories.


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