Letter to My Class-2015

Well, spring break is over. We went down to TN to visit family and I finally just had the opportunity to sit down and relax.
 Amber over at SSS Teaching has a great way to reflect on your teaching year...writing a letter to your class. So here is mine.

Dear Class,
This past year has been a crazy one, but you guys have been very resilient and have taught me a lot!

This year with an inconsistent aid and with me having to be out at times because of my own children being ill you have made it with two new people in the classroom. You got through the day and helped the aids out as best as you could and tried to be on your best behavior. You did make some messes (rice everywhere around the classroom...I'm still finding some behind my desk, some artistic crayon drawings on the wall, and the balls escaping from the ball pit), but you still all made it on to the bus safely. Upon entering the classroom and seeing these things it put a smile on my face because it looks like you had some fun and it can all be cleaned. When there was a rotating aid (up to four different people throughout the day coming in and out) you rolled with it and taught me to roll with it too, adjust the plans, and make the most of the situation. When we got new students in January (and will be getting two new ones tomorrow) thank you for helping them out and welcoming them in. Thank you for helping me to learn to relax and just be thankful when there was consistency and when there wasn't, it would be ok...we would survive together and you would put a smile on my face by something silly you said or did. You knew when I needed a hug or couldn't handle that much more that day and I am thankful for that! It has been a rough year and we still have a couple months to go, but we will get through it and have fun while it lasts. :)  Love you guys and my two little gals. You have grown a lot this year socially and academically and you are all beautiful inside and out!

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  1. Consistency is so hard to come by, it seems we have to be more and more flexible each year! Thanks for linking up - I loved taking this little peek into your year!


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