Flower Shop Dramatic Play

It has been a dreary weekend here...rain and cold (40s). Since the weather has been nice for being outside I have had some time to finish up on some activities that are half way done. 

Here is another dramatic play props great for your little ones. They are simple, but will help encourage language and communication between my kiddos. They are also working on colors, counting, and manners. I also have a mega pack of dramatic play activities available here (it is a better deal than buying individually).  

You can find the Flower Shop here. 

Here is what is included:

The students will request how many and what color flowers they like. 

There are cards to connect to the flowers. 

There is a checklist for the students to use and a receipt. Each flower is $1 for easy counting. 

There is a flower shop sign, what types of flowers, open/ closed sign and phone number cards.

I have vases, flowers, and aprons all ready to go. Can't wait to use this next year! 

Happy Sunday!

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