Ice Cream Shop Dramatic Play

I just finished up the Ice Cream Shop. Perfect for the end of the year! 

What's Included:
Directions: print all on cardstock and laminate.. 
p. 4-5 Ice Cream Shop Signs
p. 6 Open/ Closed Sign- fold in half and laminate. Add a ribbon to hang If you choose. 
p. 7 flavors and cost
p. 8-9 labels to put by flavors and toppings
p. 10 check off list for students to choose what they would like
p. 11 receipt and count- have students circle the items and then count them.
p. 12-13 I want request. Put velcro on the back of pictures (p. 13) and in the squares on p. 12. students request what they would like. 
p. 14 phone number cards
p. 15 name tags. 

Happy Wednesday!

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