Playground Visual Schedule

I have a couple of students whom as soon as we get outside they just run around the playground and run into other students and/ or hurt themselves because they are running to fast. Due to this sensory overload (24 students, too many options for them to choose from) we made a visual schedule for them. Initially I put the pictures of the item choices up, but after a couple of days they would do all five tasks and then would go back and put up five new ones themselves. Even some of the other students like to go over and say I am going to do the monkey bars and go do it. It keeps all of our kids safe and gives them a task to do rather than just running. 


  1. Hi Kate,I love this idea. Did you use photos of your playground or generic pictures of areas and activities?

    Thanks, Janice @

    1. We used real photos. That way it was specific to our playground and to differentiate the slides and such.


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