Veterinarian Dramatic Play

I cannot wait to use these veterinarian dramatic play props next year with my kiddos. You can find it here. 

 Here is what is included:
Activities Included: 
Vet Office Sign (2 options) p. 5-6
Open/ Closed p. 7
Waiting Room Sign p. 8
Animal Information Card p. 9-11
Dr. I Need…tools p. 12-13
Dr. Report p. 14
Your Pet Needs p. 15-16
Sign In Sheet p.17
Vet Phone Card p. 18
Dr. Badge p. 19
Prescription p. 20
Receipt p. 21

How to Use: All items will need to be printed on cardstock and laminated. 
Open/ closed is to be folded in half and can be flipped. You may choose to add ribbon to it to hang it.
Animal Information Card- Add velcro to the back of the pictures on p. 10 and in the information sheets on p. 9. velcro can be added to the picture holding sheet on p. 11 (you may or may not choose to use this). Students will read the question and pick out the card that answers the question. 
Dr. I need- velcro will need to be added to the back of the items and to the graph on p. 11. The dr. will pick the item they need and place it in the sentence strip. Then they will repeat the sentence as best as they can to their nurse. 
Dr. Report- the dr. will color in the smiley or sad face
Your pet needs- velcro will need to be added to the back of the items and to the holding graph (one on p. 13 and other on p. 16) and pictures. Dr. will take picture and place items of what things need to be done to make the animal feel better. 
Sign In Sheet- children will write their name with wet erase
Vet phone card
Dr. Badge- child will write their name with wet erase. 
Prescription- Dr. will circle the dosage and refills to give the patient. They can sign their name at the bottom
Receipt- Dr. will circle the price and sign their name at the bottom. 

You can find the Vet Props here. 

Do you have different dramatic play props/ boxes? What are your favorites?!

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