5 Little Pumpkins Spotlight

 I am linking up with Erin at Kindergarten Dragons to spotlight my new 5 Little Pumpkins Interactive Book and Activities. 

My kiddos LOVE the 5 little pumpkins poem (so does my son...he still sings it everyday!). 

Included is an interactive book to retell the story. Students will move the pumpkins, witch, and wind as they read the story. 

This is what it looks like at the end. 

There is also an emergent reader and Popsicle stick retelling puppets for the kiddos to color and cut out. There is a gate to be used as the backdrop as well. I can't wait to try this out this fall with my little ones! You can check it out here.  

Happy Saturday!


  1. LOVE the interactive book! We do this poem every year, and then incorporate the Thanksgiving/ Christmas versions. I always used it for sight word practice, but I love the idea of adding in a retell piece! Thanks for sharing!

    Mrs. Garcia's Super Scholars

  2. Loving your spotlight saturday! I have only recently finished all my halloween products - i love that time of year! Your interactive book looks amazing i love it!!

    1. Thanks! I love that time of year too!

  3. My kinders LOVE the 5 Little Pumpkins Poem! It's one of their favorites to act out and recite! I love how interactive your book is, what a wonderful way for them to practice retelling the story and reading the story to a friend! And who doesn't love all things Pete the Cat??!! What a great way to determine if my kinders understand the concept of retelling a story!
    Thank you so much for linking up with us and sharing your Spotlight with us! I really enjoyed reading about your awesome products, thank you for sharing!!

    Warmest Wishes,

    1. Thanks! My kids LOVE Pete the Cat too!


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