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I have had a couple of questions about what does my schedule look like and how do I plan. I thought I would break this up into two posts. 

First, the schedule. We have an am and pm group. The am comes from 8:20-11:02 and the pm class comes from 11:37-2:15 (about 2.5 hours a day each). 

You can get a copy of this schedule here. 

This schedule has been a work in progress and last year I was really pleased with how it worked. It was just the right balance time wise for everything (not too long, not too short). We follow this schedule as close to the times as possible. I know it takes awhile to get to that point,but by the end of the year the kids knew exactly what and when everything was happening (which helps reduce challenging behavior). 

I will briefly go over what we do at time. 
Initially when we come in students take out their behavior folders, get their mail, and go to their lockers to put away belongings. The am starts table time. You can read more about that here and the pm class starts work boxes. The morning class are my little ones 2.5-3.5ish and we are trying to teach them independence that's why we don't do work boxes. The pm class we are prepping for kindergarten and trying to teach them to be independent. When we transition to circle we sometimes need to use a first/ then card with some students to make the transition smoother.

Then, we start morning circle...which is names, abc id and songs, counting, weather, days of the week, months of the year and calendar (we do calendar time with the pm on the smartboard). 

Then, we do some dancing usually 3-4 songs and story.

Centers I have the students rotate. The am class does two centers and switches (fine motor with my aid and language/ academic with me) for about 10 min. Then, we have group play so we can help teach the students to play with the toys and to share (we use visuals and social stories). The pm class again rotates through for each center (play, language/academic and fine motor) about 13 min. each.

We regroup for circle where we do a poem or song that goes with our theme and then they find their name to go wash hands and we have group snack. We have the same snack for everyone. (Parents send in enough snack about twice a month for the class. I send home a monthly calendar for this). 

Then, we have gross motor time or playground. I have the students get their belongings before starting, just in case we are running a little late it makes it easier and then it is bus time. It is a very quick day for both am and pm class! 

You can get a copy of my schedule cards here that I hang up at the front of the room. As we transition I say all done with ________ now it is time for _________ and by the end of the year the kids were saying it before I was or if I missed it (it happens!) they would do it for me. 

Any other questions feel free to ask! Or if you have something great that works please share!!!

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