One Lovely Blog Award & Summer Bucket List

First, I want to thank Gabby over at Gabby's Classrooms for the beautiful and fun new blog design! I absolutely love it!!!!!
Now on to the lovely blog award!
I am so excited to be nominated for the One Lovely Blog Award from Erin at You Aut-a-Know!
Here are 10 fun facts about me!
1. I am finishing my 8th year of teaching (where has the time gone?!). Three years teaching Kindergarten and the rest in ECSE.
2. I have two kids, Ethan and Madi. I love them more than anything else in the world! 
3. I ran in college and that is how my husband and I met. 
4. I have ran a marathon. I need to get myself back into running shape! 
5. I love to travel! I only have 10 states to visit before seeing all 50!
6. I have two Masters degrees (one in Learning Disabilities and the other in Early Childhood Special Ed). 
7. I LOVE coffee! Especially caramel machiattos!
8. I love crafting and decorating. 
9. I love my family...they are my rock!
10. I love to read and am looking forward to finally getting the opportunity to do so this summer. 
I nominate the following bloggers for this award. Each of these bloggers have provided me with great ideas for my classroom! Make sure to check out their blogs!
Lola at Preschool Wonders
Erin at Kindergarten Dragons
Jackie at Pocket of Preschool
Gabrielle at Teaching Special Thinkers
Kim at Life Over C's
Now for my Summer Bucket List.
I am linkg up with What the Teacher Wants! for this linky. 

School: I am looking for a new behavior management plan...any suggestions are welcomed. I used to use a clip rid of that (not working) and this year I tried a point system but was terrible about keeping up with the points. So if you have a great management system working in your room I'd love to hear about it!
I am updating the homework calendar we used last year. It was a great idea, but with students transitioning in throughout the year it wasn't always great for our 2.5 years old. So I am trying to come up with something new and I need to just figure out an area in my room for a break area and a gross motor area. I have some to just get them in place! 

Personal: I have been trying to clean, purge, and organize our house. We have LOTS of stuff we no longer use and I need to get rid of it! I also have not worked on Madi's scrapbook since Christmas so I need to update that. Lastly, I need to get back to working out regularly. Right now I am sporadically working out, but I need to do this way more consistently. 

Fun! Relaxing, taking the kids to the beach (there are LOTS of wonderful beaches here in MI). We are going camping in August with the kiddos, but if possible I would love to do it one other time and just catching up with people I have not seen in awhile. I already have lots of play dates set up for next week that I know the kids will love and I will be happy to finally see some of my friends that I have been neglecting at the end of the school year. 

Have a great Sunday!


  1. So glad you posted! I love Carmel Macchiatos as well!

    You AUT-a Know

  2. Thank you for the nomination! I saw in a recent post your sister moved to the east side of Kansas. I'm pretty close to the KC area. If you're ever in town, I would LOVE to meet up with you!!!

    1. I definitely would love to meet up. We probably won't be venturing out that way until next spring.

  3. Thanks for nominating me! You are so sweet! You have an awesome blog filled with TONS of great tips, tricks, and ideas for preschool! Congrats!

    1. Thanks! I love your new grocery unit!

  4. Thanks for nominating me! You are so sweet! You have an awesome blog filled with TONS of great tips, tricks, and ideas for preschool! Congrats!


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