Week 2: Dare 2 Dream

TPT has been a HUGE blessing! I love to create and have had the opportunity to find and create items for my students that I would never have otherwise found. It also has helped me financially (especially when my husband was laid off) and those not so little things come up that you otherwise couldn't afford. 

I have a lot of goals, but these are top ones. 

1. Pay off our debt. Our biggest right now would be student loans and credit cards. As soon as we are getting ahead we always have an expensive set back (septic field having to be replaced, car compressor, etc....oh the joys of owning your own car and home!) :) 

2. Buy a new house. With our son entering in Kindergarten in two years this is something we keep talking about. We don't want to be moving somewhere once he starts school and this house was supposed to just be a 'starter' home...well, six years and two kids later buying a new house is not looking possible. Especially since our teacher contract is up next year and we are not sure what will happen to my salary and other things (see above) happen. 

3. Travel! I love to travel and would love to start taking my kids on family vacations like my parents were able to do with us. 

4. Live comfortably. I am pretty simple person and I do not want or need a lot of things, but I just want to be able to live without worrying if something does come up that we can afford it. 

5. Donate. I donate what I can (time and money) and I would love to be able to do more of that. 

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  1. I think those are fabulous dreams! I'd love to use TPT to travel, too. Those setbacks are so frustrating, right? Just when you think you're on top of things!


  2. I have all my fingers crossed for you that you are able to purchase your new home!!


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