Arrrgh! Spotlight Saturday Pirates!

I am linking up with Kindergarten Dragons to share my new pirate activities! I have 18 boys next year and no girls so far so I am trying to change some of my themes to be a little more boyish to keep them excited. 

Here are the two adapted books. These are included in the Pirate Math Games or you can buy them separate. The Pirate Adapted Books sold separately are available here. 

These are great for working on shapes and 

Counting pennies 1-10 cents. I love to use these books for early finishers because you can check the work the students did. 

Here is what is included in the Pirate Math Games. 

Activities Included:
Pirate Puzzles 1-10 p. 4-7
Pirate 10 Frame Cards and Numbers (2 uses) p. 8-10
Scoop , Count, and Write Mat p. 11-12
Pirate Count and Clip 1-12 p. 13-15
Counting Treasure Adapted Book p. 16-22
Pirate Shapes Adapted Book p. 23-29
Walk the Plank Pocket Chart Activity p. 30-32
Spin, Count Tallies, and Trace or Write p. 33-36
Cannonball Number Order 1-20 p. 37-41
Measuring Pirates p. 42-48
Sorting Pirates (3 Ways) p. 49-56

 Here is ordering numbers 1-20 in Cannon Ball Order. There is also a recording sheet not pictured.

There are three different ways to sort the pirates and also has recording sheets. My kiddos either get sorting or really struggle with it. This is great because it is more than just sorting colors and shapes. 

Here are the number puzzles. Great for work box tasks. 

Here is the Five Little Pirates Poem. It is similar to 5 little monkeys, but with a twist. You can find it here and here is what's included:

Directions: Print Book on cardstock and laminate. 2 ways to use. 
Use as whole group poem. 
Use as interactive book. 
For interactive book put p. 20 on left side and attach velcro in the same positions as on p. 9. Students can reread the book and place the pirates in the same places as in the book. 
p. 21 will be the interactive pieces. 

p. 10-21 Pocket chart cards and poems.
p. 22-27 emergent reader
p. 28-29 retell popsicle sticks 

I know my boys will love this fun twist on The Five Little Monkeys. My son was singing it all around the house the other day.  

All of these activities are fun and engaging (especially for boys...I tried them out on my son!). :)

Also, coming this Monday is a back to school special ed blog hop. Make sure to check it out!


  1. Hi, Kate,
    I enjoyed reading your post, and I specially love your pirate themed resources! They are not just adorable, they are right on target! You are very creative!
    Tweets From Kindergarten

  2. I so know how you feeling having all boys! Again our class this year is all boys - we only have 2 girls in the entire autistic side of our School! But Pirate stuff ALWAYS goes down well with ours - what a fabulous resource it's brilliant!

    Teaching Autism

    1. Thanks! It is definitely a different dynamic when there are all boys!

  3. That's perfect for Talk Like a Pirate day in September! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wow, all boys and no girls??!! I don't think that's ever happened to anyone I know!! Great idea using pirates!! Have you heard of the book 'Twenty-Six Pirates' by Dave Horowitz? It's a pirate alphabet book!! I really enjoy it (and pair it with 'Twenty-Six Princesses' since I have never had a class of just boys!!) and the boys in my class enjoy it too!! I even created some pirate alphabet activities to go with the books!!
    Good luck this year, and I can't wait to read about how your year goes!!
    Thank you so much for linking up for Spotlight Saturday, I loved reading about your awesome pirate-themed resources!! Your LIttles are going to love them!!

    Kindergarten Dragons

    1. Just bought the book. It sounds awesome! I know my son will love it too!


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